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2 Days, 1 Night Nairobi Staycation Offers

2 Days 1 Nights Nairobi Staycation offers 2023

Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. It is located in the south-central part of the country and has an estimated population of around 3.5 million people. Nairobi is an important economic and cultural center in East Africa and is known for its bustling markets, parks and museums, as well as its colonial architecture. The city is also home to several major international organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Office at Nairobi. Nairobi is also a popular tourist destination, known for its wildlife and national parks, such as the Nairobi National Park and the Oloolua Nature Trail.

Pride inn Azure Bed & Breakfast Ksh.9,000 Ksh. 13,900
Concord Hotel

Valid till 30th June

Bed & Breakfast Ksh.5,400


Ksh.  8,500


Concord Hotel

July – 20th Dec.

Bed & Breakfast Ksh.6,450 Ksh. 9,750
Somerset Bed & Breakfast Ksh.4,000 Ksh.7,900
Ibis Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 9,400 Ksh. 13,400
Panari Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 8,400 Ksh. 11,800
Boma Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 5,830 Ksh. 9,770
Ole sereni Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 7,800 Ksh. 10,890
Emara Ole sereni Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 12,700 Ksh. 19,260
Radisson Blue Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 11,500 Ksh. 16,900
Movenpick Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 11,700 Ksh.20,600
Norfolk Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh.19,300 Ksh.34,600

Weekdays (valid till 31st May)


Bed & Breakfast

Ksh. 19,700 Ksh.33,300

Weekend (Valid till 31st May)


Bed & Breakfast

Ksh.21,200 Ksh.36,200
Nairobi Safari Club Bed & Breakfast Ksh.8,300 Ksh.12,900
Ololo Safari Lodge Half board Ksh.17,900 Ksh.23,400
Crown Plaza Bed & Breakfast Ksh.11,800 Ksh.20,800
Eka Hotel Bed & Breakfast Ksh.12,300 Ksh.21,200
Sarova Stanley Bed & Breakfast  Ksh.8,450 Ksh.14,960
Sarova Pan Africa Bed & Breakfast Ksh. 7,950 Ksh.14,050
What’s included

Ø  1 nights’ accommodation

Ø  Meals as per hotel specification

Ø  Use of hotel facilities

What’s Excluded

Ø  Personal Expenses

Ø  Any other expenses not included

Ø  Transport

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